Track Record

This list represents a selected range from our track record.

Managing global expansion: 
a technology and business services firm

We took an active interim management role at a $45M business services firm with a goal of global expansion. We developed and executed a strategy that added new geographies and markets to the business. Over a two year period we helped grow headcount from 70 to 300, and increased EBITDA from $1M to $11M.

Our investment and fee structure: monthly retainer plus success fee linked to EBITDA, plus equity earn-in.

Restructuring for top-line growth: a market information business

We helped a $200M market research business to ramp up their flat revenue growth and increase margin. We restructured their product and support functions and helped build a realistic growth strategy that enabled the business to grow revenue and EBITDA ahead of a potential sale.

Our investment and fee structure: monthly retainer and pre-defined success fee.

Launching, merging and preparing an IPO: an energy asset operating company

We worked with a $900M investment consortium purchasing generating assets in the Northeast. We helped build the business to operate the assets, and then played a key role in completing a follow-on merger deal. We managed the post-merger integration that delivered significant benefits.

Our investment and fee structure: monthly retainer.

Repositioning and growing a specialty manufacturing firm

We invested in a $5M specialty manufacturing business and worked with the board and CEO to raise growth and working capital. We led a drive to reposition the business, developing a new business model, channel strategy and setting out a roadmap for product development. Our involvement resulted in a significant expansion into new global markets.

Our investment and fee structure: no retainer, co-investment plus equity earn-in based on meeting key milestones.