Advisory Services

We develop and execute strategies that grow top-line revenue, profit and cash, leveraging our global experience in middle market and microcap businesses.

Growth Strategy

We build growth strategies for middle market businesses the old fashioned way – bringing together real world experience with research-based insights. Our track record includes work with early-stage businesses where the ability to define and execute growth strategy is critical, and with more established businesses who pursue a mix of organic growth and growth-by-acquisition in new products and markets. We draw on experience in:

  • Innovation and creativity at the level of the business model
  • Market and channel strategy
  • New product development and commercialization

Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with companies to define their corporate development strategy. We ensure that the corporate development strategy is aligned to the business strategy, confirm the criteria for identifying and pursuing potential deals, and researching targets that meet the acquisition criteria. Before the close, we work with both businesses – in as much as is possible – in order to be ready to make a rapid start to integration. Post-close, we build and apply effective governance to ensure that the maximum return on the deal is delivered in a significantly shorter timescale. Our experience includes:

  • Engaging and communicating with customers, and protecting and enhancing revenue and profit through the integration period
  • Reviewing and consolidating operations, including people and other assets
  • Consolidating real estate portfolios
  • Merging manufacturing operations
  • Integrating companies across regional and national borders, and across cultural gaps

Growing EBITDA

We work with middle market companies to grow EBITDA by implementing operational improvements, reducing costs and boosting revenue. Our experience includes:

  • Restructuring
  • Redesigning and enhancing business processes (workout)
  • Reducing overhead costs and eliminating waste
  • Renegotiating customer and vendor contracts
  • Reviewing and reworking sourcing from a strategic perspective
  • Leveraging existing local and global relationships to ramp up sales.

We also provide advisory services in Outsourced Corporate Development, Preparing for Strategic Transactions, Interim Management, Strategic Transformations, and Turnarounds. Learn more about our track record.