Investment services

We connect investors with unrealized equity opportunities, drawing on our global network and our experience in corporate transitions and operations.

For Investors

Growfire works with investors to create superior returns in their portfolio companies.

We target private equity investment opportunities in established small private (“microcap”) companies with stable current returns and clear growth prospects. We are looking for businesses in defensive niche market positions with capable management teams in place. Our approach is to work with management to develop and execute growth strategy, unlocking value by redefining the business model, leveraging under-utilized assets and making strategic global connections. We plan to exit our investments and realize a return within a five year timeframe.

For Owners and Executives

Growfire works with Owners and Executives to improve the performance of their business.

We co-invest alongside owners and executives, working at a Board level to increase the value of the business. Our broad experience in operations allows us to identify opportunities that will maximize total return. Although our natural role is providing guidance on creating value, we can provide interim management support to make a short-term impact.

For Intermediaries

Growfire works with intermediaries to find and close investment opportunities.

We maintain a broad set of relationships with intermediary groups, including venture capital and private equity sources of capital, lawyers, accountants and consultants. Our intermediary relationships increase our access to investment opportunities that meet our criteria, and enable us to provide relevant opportunities to our partners.